How Can Ecigs and Vape Pens Help you Quit Smoking?

Quit Smoking today with an ECig or Vape Pen!

One of the main problems with quitting cigarettes is that there are many "solutions" to your problem that people swear by and most of them, if not all of them, DO NOT WORK at all. The majority of smokers in the world at some point in their life have tried to quit and have failed, due to many reasons, including; stress, drinking, eating, sleeping and most importantly, they didn't use the proper tools to quit smoking. With all the options available for smokers to quit, including; nicotine gum, nicotine patches, meditation, hypnotism and beyond, you would think that the majority of smokers would have successfully quit by now. Given the amount of reasons why someone would quit smoking, there is obvious and clear motivation for people to quit smoking altogether, however with gum, patches and hypnotism techniques, its virtually impossible. The time has now come for everyone to quit smoking by using an Electronic Cigarette or Vape Pen.

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Reasons to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Options to Quit Smoking before Electronic Cigarettes

(Seriously, do any of the above bullet points look like they would help you to quit smoking?)

The Growing Industry of Ecigs and Vape Pens

With the fast growing industry of Electronic Cigarettes and Vape Pens, this has led to a massive movement in people quitting cigarettes. Making the move from analog cigarettes to Electronic Cigarettes is by far the easiest way to quit smoking cigarettes all together. There are more and more Electronic Cigarette companies popping up every day and there is no wonder why, they work! Electronic Cigarettes are fairly affordable to get started as opposed to nicotine gum and nicotine patches. Electronic Cigarette starter kits and vape pen starter kits can cost anywhere between $10 - $100 where patches and nicotine gum can cost anywhere between $50-$200. The cost to many people looking to quit is not a huge factor as the most important goal is to quit smoking, however, you should consider price as an important factor in the ongoing maintenance in the ability to officially quit! There is a pretty simple process to quit smoking with Electronic Cigarettes and Vape Pens and if you try it one time the success rate is literally off the charts!

What are the Differences between Electronic Cigarettes and Vape Pens

There is a HUGE difference between Ecigarettes and Vape Pens, Vape Pens being the superior of the two. Vape Pens have a laundry list of benefits compared to Electronic Cigarettes. Vape Pens are so much better in every way, shape and form, including; battery power, e juice flavor, durability, dependability, design and overall performance. Deciding to purchase a Vape Pen over an Electronic Cigarette could be the difference of successfully quitting cigarettes or not! There are many problems with Electronic Cigarettes compared to Vape Pens and buying a cheesy Ecig that only last for 1-2 hours is going to leave a bad taste in your mouth (literally), because you will need to re-charge it over and over again all day. With a Vape Pen however, you only need to charge your battery once a day and you are all set for the entire day and into the night, although it always helps to have a couple batteries charged just in case. A Vape Pen is incredibly simple and is made up of three items, including; battery, tank and replacement atomizer coil which will create your "Vape Pen."

How to Quit Smoking by using Electronic Cigarettes and Vape Pens

Depending on how much you smoke will depend on the nicotine strength of your E juice or E Liquid you will be using to wind yourself off the regular cigarettes. If you are a heavy smoker 1-2 packs per day, you will want to start off by using a higher nicotine strength such as 24mg nicotine. If however, you are a moderate smoker (1/2 - 1 pack per day) you might want to start off buy using a 12mgh nicotine strength. The light users or occasional users of traditional cigarettes should start with a lower level nicotine strength such as a 3mg or 6mg nicotine strength. Once you have figured out what nicotine strength you will start at, then decide which Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit and or Vape Pen Starter Kit you are interested in.

What are the options with a Vape Pen and E Juice?

Where do you buy Vape Pens and E Juice?

How Exactly do you Quit Smoking Using a Vape Pen?

  1. Purchase a Starter Kit
  2. Start Using your Starter Kit
  3. Start with a Medium Nicotine Level
  4. Every 1- 3 Months Lower Nicotine Level
Eventually you will be using 3mg nicotine and then 0mg nicotine. After about 6 months you should only use 0mg nicotine and you wont even notice your addiction any longer. Quitting Smoking is a piece of cake with Vape Pens and yes, there are many different types of Cake Flavors to choose from. Quitting smoking cigarettes with Electronic Cigarettes and Vape Pens is fun and easy because you get to customize your flavors, vape pens and batteries to make something unique for you that you will enjoy!