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Big Tobacco is making more money today than ever before. but how?

There have been significant movements in the Tobacco Industry over the last 30 years. Governments around the world have increased taxes on cigarettes and this has led to a large decline in the number of people smoking. (albeit largely in western countries). Price rises for those who are left still addicted and growth in Asian markets […]

Top 25 Quit Smoking Blogs

QuitSmokingPlace has been recognised in Top 25 Quit Smoking Blogs in the Internet. Well done team 🙂

Stop Smoking – Timeline of Withdrawal Symptoms

To understand the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine, it`s important to understand the difference between those that are psychosomatic, psychological and physical. Once those distinctions are made, it becomes possible to cope with each category more efficiently. Because symptoms vary between individuals and at different phases along a timeline, their severity varies enormously. A fortunate few […]

Premium Electronic Cigarette – Graduation and Father’s Day promotion

Father’s Day Coupon Special – Get 15% Off Sitewide Sale by using Coupon Code: FathersEcig at This coupon ends on June 17th.

Queensland LNP Government threatens to sue tobacco companies for the cost to health sector

  Is the Queensland Government going to launch legal action to recover the costs to the Health Department from cigarette smoking related illnesses? read more here

E-Lites Gangnam Baby Advert

We’ve just taken our first look at the clever new commercial from E-Lites, the UK’s premium electronic cigarette brand, in which a father leaves the room where his family are sitting to go for a cigarette in the garden – and ends up missing out on his son’s rather unique first steps. [ELites] This situation […]

Can E-Cigarettes Help You Quit?

For people who are looking to stop smoking, there are many different ways to approach it including going cold turkey, wearing nicotine patches or chewing nicotine gum. None of these, however, help to fill the void of the actual physical habitudes that go along with cigarette smoking, and for some smokers, that’s the hardest thing […]

Is the Trampoline the biggest weapon available in the battle to Quit Smoking?

That’s right youheard it here first….well actually there has been a study recently that has revealed that one of the most effective ways to help you quit smoking is buying yourself a trampoline and using it everyday. Sounds pretty kooky huh? But it does get me thinking, what other interesting or perhaps unconventional techniques are there to […]

Helping Teenagers Quit Smoking

A study conducted by the Amercian Lung Association has shown that helping teenagers get active greatly increases the rates of quitting smoking. You can read more about the study here. AND check our article : How Can You Stop A Teenager from Smoking

How to be a Better Person & a Better Lover too…

Who would have thought the best thing you can do for YOU is to Quit Smoking? A study undertaken at the University of Missouri has found your personality improves when you quit smoking: read the article at Healhy News. And guys if you plan on putting that personality to work for you, then another US […]