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This Product is Less Harmful than Smoking, but We Can’t Tell Smokers

Vaping has gained tremendously in popularity in recent years, with some studies suggesting e-vapour use is as much as 95-per-cent less harmful than smoking combustible cigarettes. Governments everywhere are grappling with e-vapour technology and how best to regulate it, and Health Canada is presently conducting consultations. Read the entire post at

Report Debunks Myth That Vaping is as Toxic as Smoking

A NEW report has found that there is conclusive evidence that e-cigarettes are less dangerous than regular cigarettes, and smokers who switch to vaping reduce their exposure to lethal toxicants and carcinogens. The National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine released this report, which has over 600 pages examining the health consequences of e-cigarettes with […]

Butt Out: 117 Queenslanders Fined For Smoking Around Bus Stops

Almost $30,000 in fines have been dished out to smokers who light up near Queensland bus stops, taxi ranks and ferry terminals. On September 1, 2016, it became illegal to smoke within five metres of public transport waiting points. Since then, 117 fines were issued to Queenslanders for the offence, which currently attracts a fine of $252.30. […]

What Smoking Just ONE Cigarette Really Does to Your Body

We all know smoking kills, but if you knew what just one cigarette does to your body, you’d think twice about lighting up when drunk. According to new research published in the journal BMJ suggests, inhaling just one fag a day is linked to surprisingly high levels of health risks. In the meta-analysis, researchers crunched the numbers […]

Time to Butt Out on BC Ferries, Smoking Ban Starts Monday

Starting Monday, BC Ferries will no longer permit passengers to step out on the deck for a cigarette. Smoking is banned on all BC Ferries vessels and in all terminals. The ban includes e-cigarettes and marijuana. “It may be challenging for some customers and employees…but 85 per cent of British Columbians don’t smoke and those customers are asking us to […]

To Cut Smoking’s Harm, Switch to Vaping?

“Studies show that if most current American smokers switched to vaping e-cigarettes over the next 10 years, there could be as many as 6.6 million fewer premature deaths and 86.7 million fewer life years would be lost,” says David Abrams, professor of social and behavioral sciences at New York University’s College of Global Public Health […]

5 Things You Need to Quit Smoking

A popular New Year’s resolution that many fail to keep is to quit smoking. “Many people underestimate how difficult it is to not only quit smoking, but to maintain the change,” said Zane Freeman, the research coordinator for the YMCA Exercise Intervention for Smoking Cessation Study at UT Austin. The YMCA Exercise Intervention is one of several public […]

Philip Morris Says its New Year’s Resolution is to Give Up Cigarettes

The company claims the alternatives are less harmful and that “we can achieve a significant public-health benefit only when a large number of these smokers switch from cigarettes to better products.” The Philip Morris ad states: “No cigarette company has done anything like this before. You might wonder if we really mean it.” The World Health Organization […]

Tomatoes May Restore Lung Damage Caused By Smoking

From cutting skin cancer risk in half to supporting the immune system, a diet rich in tomatoes and fruits imparts many health benefits. Now, researchers have found that these foods may restore lung function in ex-smokers and slow lung function decline in all adults. The new study goes one step further to suggest that consuming […]

Want to Be Attractive? People Who Smoke Have Less Appealing Faces

People are able to identify smokers based on only their facial features, and often associate these features as being less attractive. The findings could stand as further motivation to finally kick the nasty habit this upcoming New Year’s day. A recent study from the University of Bristol in England had 590 volunteers look at 23 twin faces […]