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Thirdhand Smoke is Widespread and May Be Dangerous, Mounting Evidence Shows

First came doctors’ warnings about cigarettes. Then came discoveries about the danger of secondhand smoke. Now, a growing number of scientists are raising the alarm about thirdhand smoke — residual chemicals left on indoor surfaces by tobacco smoke. Mounting research has shown such potentially hazardous residue can be absorbed through the skin, ingested and inhaled months and even years […]

Pets & Smoking: The Deadly Secret Lurking in Your Home

Research has shown that animals who live with smokers have an increased chance of developing cancer. Sometimes the cancer will show up as lung cancer or lymphoma. But other times, cancer can occur orally, because animals lick nicotine off an owner’s hands or clothing! “There is clear information that cigarette smoking affects pet health. But […]

Study: No Heart Risk with Smoking-Cessation Meds

In a large, head-to-head comparison trial of major smoking-cessation therapies, use of the medications was not associated with an increased risk for heart attack or stroke, researchers reported. The incidence of major cardiovascular events was low over a year of follow-up in users of varenicline (Chantix), bupropion hydrochloride (Zyban), nicotine-replacement therapy (NRT), and placebo, and […]

Smokers Eat Smaller Portions of Food but Have Far Worse Diets

Smokers have worse quality diets than former smokers or non-smokers despite eating significantly smaller portions of food, according to a new study. Researchers in the US analysed the diets of almost than 5,300 Americans who took the National Health and Examination Survey, a program of studies designed to assess the health and nutritional status of […]

Duluth Researcher Looking at Effects of Cannabis on Giving Up Tobacco Smoking

A Duluth researcher is launching a study to seek to discover, in part, what effect marijuana use has on individuals trying to quit tobacco cigarette smoking. The study will take place in Duluth and the Twin Cities, both prime places, said the researcher, Mustafa al’Absi of the University of Minnesota Medical School’s Duluth campus. He […]

Report Debunks Myth That Vaping is as Toxic as Smoking

A NEW report has found that there is conclusive evidence that e-cigarettes are less dangerous than regular cigarettes, and smokers who switch to vaping reduce their exposure to lethal toxicants and carcinogens. The National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine released this report, which has over 600 pages examining the health consequences of e-cigarettes with […]

What Smoking Just ONE Cigarette Really Does to Your Body

We all know smoking kills, but if you knew what just one cigarette does to your body, you’d think twice about lighting up when drunk. According to new research published in the journal BMJ suggests, inhaling just one fag a day is linked to surprisingly high levels of health risks. In the meta-analysis, researchers crunched the numbers […]

Gory Anti-Smoking Posters May ENCOURAGE Teens to Smoke

Graphic posters meant to discourage people from smoking may actually encourage teens to take up the habit, new research reveals. Convenience stores are a prime ground for tobacco companies to advertise, especially to teens, among whom smoking is still on the rise in the US. In the new study from the RAND research corporation found […]

Quitting Smoking, Boosting Vitamin D Reduces MS Healthcare Costs, Improves Outcomes

People with multiple sclerosis (MS) who quit smoking have better health outcomes than those who continue. Therefore, MS-related costs can be reduced by encouraging smokers to quit. Similar results were observed in MS patients with healthy vitamin D levels, Maura Pugliatti, from the University of Ferrara, in Italy, said Friday in a presentation at the […]

Cigarette Taxes Are the Best Way to Cut Smoking, Scaring Big Tobacco

Health experts agree that raising taxes is the most effective way to reduce tobacco use. The U.S. surgeon general, the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have all concluded that raising taxes helps large numbers of smokers to quit and have advocated loudly for it. But many states – Missouri, […]