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Smoking Costs 45,400 Lives, $16.2B in a Year, Study Finds

There are more than 45,400 deaths in Canada attributable to smoking, and the habit cost the economy $16.2 billion in 2012, according a new study from the Conference Board of Canada. Those costs include health care, tobacco enforcement, lost productivity and lost years of life attributable to smoking, with health care alone costing Canada $6.5 billion. […]

Should People Who Can’t Quit Smoking Switch to E-Cigarettes?

Switching to e-cigarettes won’t solve all the health problems smokers face. For example, e-cigarettes are still addictive, and studies suggest that they may be bad for heart health. But compared with traditional tobacco cigarettes — which, in addition to nicotine, are full of tar and other toxins— e-cigarettes could be a less-risky option, a new study suggests. […]

Success Rates for People Quitting Smoking Hit Record High

Success rates for smokers trying to give up have hit a record high in part thanks to the increasing use of e-cigarettes, figures reveal. Nearly 20% of those who attempted to quit in the first half of 2017 managed to kick the habit, a University College London report shows. By contrast, over the past decade […]

Smoking Cigarettes: Smell in Clothes and Furniture Can Damage Brain, Liver

Cigarette smoke seeps into everything—clothing, furniture, rugs. Now, researchers at the University of California, Riverside, suggest that even this third-hand smoke (THS) can be harmful to our health. In the study, published in Clinical Science, researchers exposed mice to similar levels of smoke found in smokers’ homes. After six months, the mice showed cell damage in their liver and […]

Cancer Survivors Who Quit Smoking Sooner Can Live Longer

Lung cancer survivors who quit smoking within a year of diagnosis will live for longer than those who continue to smoke, according to new research led by the Universities of Birmingham and Oxford. The findings also revealed that general practitioners are comparatively less likely to intervene and offer stop-smoking support to cancer patients, than they are to […]

Money Talks When Compelling Smokers to Quit

When the price of a pack of cigarettes increases by $1, there is a 20 percent increase in rates of quitting smoking. Researchers linked data on the smoking habits of 632 smokers, average age 58, to neighborhood cigarette prices in 896 chain grocery and drugstores in 19 states. They gathered data on local laws on […]

Smoking Triggers Anxiety and Paranoia

Study reveals tobacco smoke can impair the brain’s ability to suppress fear. German neuroscientists found smokers had a larger fear response than others They said chemicals in tobacco appear to affect the brain’s fear and memories Experts warn the findings show it is crucial to help veterans quit smoking Read the entire post at

Why Smoking in Films Harms Children

We want to believe we’re raising our kids to think for themselves, and not to do dumb or unhealthy things just because the cool kids are doing them. But research shows that when it comes to smoking, children are heavily influenced by some of the folks they consider the coolest of the cool: actors in […]

Scientists Find That Smoking Harms Livers of Unborn Babies

The impact of cigarette damage to unborn babies has been revealed in a new stem cell study. Scientists found that the cocktail of chemicals in cigarettes is particularly harmful to developing liver cells. They developed a method of studying the effects of maternal smoking on liver tissue using embryonic stem cells. The team, led by […]

People Who Smoke ‘Light’ Cigarettes Could Be Increasing the Risk of Cancer

Researchers investigated why rates of adenocarcinoma, a cancer that occurs deep in the lungs, had increased over the last 50 years. During same period, the number of people developing other forms of lung cancer had fallen in relation to more smokers quitting tobacco. The results confirmed what many experts had long suspected. A ‘clear relationship’ […]