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Quit Smoking News on Celebrities.

Ed Sheeran Celebrates One Full Year of Not Smoking!

Congrats to Ed Sheeran for making it an entire year without smoking! The 27-year-old “Shape of You” singer announced the milestone on Instagram on Saturday with a short note. “Celebrating one year being a non-smoker today,” he wrote on Instagram. Sheeran has previously described his struggles with smoking and drinking, telling Ellen Degeneres on her […]

Why Gary Oldman Says It Was Easy to Quit Smoking After ‘The Darkest Hour’

“I had nicotine poisoning for the entire shoot. So it was very, very easy to put the [cigars] down,” Oldman revealed of how he quit smoking after blowing through a reported $30,000 worth of cigars during filming. “Once we were done, I actually haven’t smoked a cigar since.” “There’s no way of avoiding it, really. […]

Prince Harry to ‘QUIT Smoking’ For New Bride Meghan Markle Ahead of Wedding

After announcing their upcoming wedding in May next year, Harry has been working hard to get himself in better shape. The ginger prince has been pictured working up a sweat as he aims to trim a few pounds before the big day. And it has been claimed that he is even willing to go one step […]

Former Top Gear Host Jeremy Clarkson Reveals He’s Smoked Close to 630,000 Cigarettes Over His Life

JEREMY Clarkson has finally quit smoking after a bout of pneumonia — despite puffing his way through 630,000 cigarettes in 43 years. The former Top Gear host, 57, kicked the habit when the side-effects left him unable to use a cigarette lighter. When the infection disappeared, he kept going — and has now reached a full month […]

Miley Cyrus Quit Smoking Marijuana Because She Thought it Would Kill Her

Miley Cyrus decided to come clean about why she got clean. The “Malibu” singer recently revealed her decision to quit smoking marijuana telling Billboard in May she wanted to be “super clear and sharp.” Now, Cyrus is telling Jimmy Fallon she quit pot because she feared it might kill her. Read the entire post at […]

Here’s Why Noted Stoner Woody Harrelson Gave Up Smoking Weed

Woody Harrelson is one of those celebrities—think Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg—who are always associated with marijuana. And for good reason: He’s always been open about smoking it, even partaking with journalists and applying to open a dispensary in Hawaii. But it seems like those days are behind him. Harrelson hasn’t gotten high in nearly […]

Stressed Angelina Jolie Smoking Herself To Death Amid Divorce Drama

Where there’s smoke, there’s Angelina Jolie! has exclusively learned that the rail-thin actress is so “stressed out” over her bitter divorce battle with Brad Pitt she’s smoking like a chimney. Shockingly, 41-year-old Jolie’s puffing up a storm despite undergoing surgeries to avoid the same agonizing cancer death her mother suffered. “Angie doesn’t eat, she […]

Adele Thinks Giving Up Smoking Has Made Her a Worse Singer

The 28-year-old singer made the decision to quit five years ago after a vocal cord haemorrhage in 2011 led to her having surgery. But she told Canadian entertainment show etalk that she believes kicking the cigarettes had actually adversely affected her vocals. She said: ‘The people with the best voices, they always smoke. I’ve given up smoking […]

Simon Cowell Turns to E-cigarettes In Final Bid to Quit Smoking

Simon Cowell has revealed he’s turned to E-cigarettes in a bid to finally quit smoking for the sake of his young son. The 56-year-old music mogul is attempting to cut down over concerns that two-year-old Eric will disapprove as he gets older – and is hoping he will find success by turning to vaporizers. ‘The […]

‘I never want another cigarette again!’ Ryan Gosling says.

It’s a bad habit that many people struggle to kick. But Ryan Gosling seems to have found the best way to quit smoking once and for all, and according to him, it actually works. The 35-year-old actor told Australian radio hosts, Kyle And Jackie O, on Tuesday that he ‘smoked himself out’ whilst filming The […]