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Hilary Duff Publicly Shames Her Neighbor for Smoking

Let this be a lesson to all: Don’t mess with Hilary Duff. The 30-year-old actress took to Instagram on Wednesday to vent about her neighbor Dieter Addison. “Calling all New Yorkers with a**hole neighbors—really open to any advice you have,” the Younger star said via her Instagram Stories. “My neighbor smokes cigarettes and weed all night long. My apartment […]

COPD is a Serious Condition, But Preventable – Mainly by Not Smoking

Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease is a common problem affecting millions of people in the U.S. COPD accounts for millions of emergency department visits yearly. COPD is reported to be the third leading cause of death in the U.S. It is reported that 90 percent of COPD cases are due to smoking. The majority of COPD can […]

Pets & Smoking: The Deadly Secret Lurking in Your Home

Research has shown that animals who live with smokers have an increased chance of developing cancer. Sometimes the cancer will show up as lung cancer or lymphoma. But other times, cancer can occur orally, because animals lick nicotine off an owner’s hands or clothing! “There is clear information that cigarette smoking affects pet health. But […]

Cigarette Smoking Directly Correlated to Stroke Risk in Young Adults

Experts are reporting that young men who smoke are more likely to have a stroke, and this risk increases with every cigarette. The most common type of stroke is ischemic stroke, which is affecting an increasing number of young adults, and tobacco use is also increasing among this age group. While previous research has confirmed […]

Why This Elephant in India Is Blowing Smoke

It’s not unheard of for animals to learn to smoke—there’s a chimp at a North Korean zoo famous for lighting up and earlier this month an orangutan in Indonesia was caught expertly smoking a cigarette. But another animal that appears to be smoking is a head scratcher; Jeanna Bryner at LiveScience reports that biologists in […]

Smoking Baby Video on Social Media Leads to Mother’s Arrest

A version of the video that has received 1.5 million views was posted by a user who called for the US mother to be arrested. The 10-second clip shows the hand of an adult off-screen holding what appears to be a cigarillo to the child’s lips. The child then makes a cooing sound and appears […]

Hearing Loss Joins Long List of Smoking Harms

You can add hearing loss to the many health risks of smoking, new research suggests. For the study, researchers analyzed eight years of health data on more than 50,000 people in Japan. After accounting for work-related noise exposure and other hearing loss risk factors, the investigators found that smokers were 1.2 to 1.6 times more […]

‘Don’t Be Drinking and Smoking in Bed’: Mount Royal Tavern Closed Following Fire

Around 20 people were forced to evacuate the Mount Royal Tavern on Friday night for the report of a fire on the second floor of the building. At approximately 8:30 p.m., the Wellington North Fire Service responded to the building at 187 Main Street. “Upon arrival the firefighters advanced the hose lines and found heavy, […]

Duluth Researcher Looking at Effects of Cannabis on Giving Up Tobacco Smoking

A Duluth researcher is launching a study to seek to discover, in part, what effect marijuana use has on individuals trying to quit tobacco cigarette smoking. The study will take place in Duluth and the Twin Cities, both prime places, said the researcher, Mustafa al’Absi of the University of Minnesota Medical School’s Duluth campus. He […]

This Product is Less Harmful than Smoking, but We Can’t Tell Smokers

Vaping has gained tremendously in popularity in recent years, with some studies suggesting e-vapour use is as much as 95-per-cent less harmful than smoking combustible cigarettes. Governments everywhere are grappling with e-vapour technology and how best to regulate it, and Health Canada is presently conducting consultations. Read the entire post at