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How Germany is Smoking Other Countries in E-Cigarette Regulation

Regulations-heavy Germany has taken a surprisingly lax stance on e-cigarettes and vaping laws. It’s the right approach, writes a policy analyst. If you see more vapers in Germany than in some other countries, it may be because Germany is one of the countries taking the most permissive regulatory approach to e-cigarettes. Other liberal countries include […]

Why This Elephant in India Is Blowing Smoke

It’s not unheard of for animals to learn to smoke—there’s a chimp at a North Korean zoo famous for lighting up and earlier this month an orangutan in Indonesia was caught expertly smoking a cigarette. But another animal that appears to be smoking is a head scratcher; Jeanna Bryner at LiveScience reports that biologists in […]

Big Tobacco is making more money today than ever before. but how?

There have been significant movements in the Tobacco Industry over the last 30 years. Governments around the world have increased taxes on cigarettes and this has led to a large decline in the number of people smoking. (albeit largely in western countries). Price rises for those who are left still addicted and growth in Asian markets […]

Scheme’s Success at Stopping Mums-to-Be Smoking

Pregnant women are almost twice as likely to quit smoking if they are supported from their first midwife appointment – and then are more likely to have heavier, healthier babies. Newcastle University researchers evaluated the “BabyClear” programme which follows the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance around smoking in pregnancy by screening […]

Top 25 Quit Smoking Blogs

QuitSmokingPlace has been recognised in Top 25 Quit Smoking Blogs in the Internet. Well done team 🙂

Stubbing Out Your Habit ‘Reverses the Harmful Effects of Smoking on the Brain – And Protects Against Dementia’

The damage is done in the brain region known as the cerebral cortex, which is responsible for key thinking skills such as memory, attention, language and awareness. The research, to be presented today at Age UK’s Later Life Conference in London today, suggests that for light smokers damage could be reversed in as little as […]

Nawazuddin Siddiqui Quits Smoking

A year ago, Nawazuddin Siddiqui said he’d been trying to quit smoking for the longest time but hadn’t been able to do so. He had said, “There was a time when I had even stopped thinking about how bad smoking is. But now, I really want to give it up. I hope I’m able to achieve […]

E-Cigarettes Being Sold in Prison Shops in Smoking Ban Pilot

Prisoners are being allowed to smoke e-cigarettes as part of a pilot scheme that could lead to a jail smoking ban. BBC News has learned that a brand of disposable e-cigarettes has been on sale in three prisons for two months. The Prison Service said last year it was committed to introducing a smoking ban […]

Smoking Linked to Increased Risk of Chronic Back Pain

People who smoke are much more likely to develop chronic back pain than those who do not smoke. These are the findings of a new study by researchers from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. Researchers found that people who smoke may be much more likely to develop chronic back pain, as the habit reduces their […]

Preemie Baby and Toothless Adults Urge Smokers to Quit in New CDC Ads

You probably know that smoking causes lung cancer, emphysema and heart disease. But former smokers want you to know that cigarettes can give you a stroke, make your teeth fall out and cause your baby to be born dangerously early. These are some of the stories featured in the latest batch of “Tips From Former […]