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Naomi Campbell Reveals Struggle to Quit Cigarettes

The 43-year-old British model takes center stage in a black and gold zipped ensemble and in an accompanying interview talks about her struggle to quit smoking. Campbell – who checked into rehab in 1999 to seek help for a cocaine addiction – is determined to kick the bad habit. Naomi – who is using nicotine […]

Nicotine Withdrawal Weakens Brain Connections!

Nicotine withdrawal weakens brain connections tied to self-control over cigarette cravings, a new study has found. High relapse rate in smokers may be explained by diminished connectivity among key brain networks, researchers said. The findings help validate a neurobiological basis behind why so many people trying to quit end up relapsing – up to 80 […]

Glance: Smoking Over 50 Years

Some key events and adult smoking rates in the fight over tobacco during the last 50 years: 1964: U.S. surgeon general report concludes smoking causes lung cancer. 1965: Warning labels required on cigarette packs; adult smoking rate 42.4 percent. 1971: TV and radio commercials for cigarettes banned. Read the entire post at

Smartcard Licence Scheme Proposed for Smokers in Australia

Australian smokers should have to carry a ”smartcard licence” to purchase cigarettes so health authorities can track their behaviour and better target quit messages to them, health and legal academics say. In an article published in the Medical Journal of Australia, University of Sydney Law School’s Professor Roger Magnusson and chief executive of the Cancer […]

AC Milan Star Mario Balotelli to Be Fined After Getting Caught Smoking on a Train

The Italian striker was caught smoking a cigarette in the bathroom on a train carrying his AC Milan squad to face Fiorentina on Sunday, with club vice president Adriano Galliani saying Balotelli would be fined. Coaches have been trying to get Balotelli to quit smoking for years and the practice is banned on Italian trains. […]

Graphic Anti-Smoking Ads: Second Round Launched By CDC

American government health officials launched the second round of a graphic ad campaign Thursday that is designed to get smokers off tobacco, saying they believe the last effort convinced tens of thousands to quit. The ads feature sad, real-life stories: There is Terrie, a North Carolina woman who lost her voice box. Bill, a diabetic […]

CLAIM: Justin Timberlake Using Hypnotherapy To Quit Smoking

“Justin Timberlake is so determined to snuff out his cigarette habit that he’s taking his buddy Ben Affleck’s advice to be put into a trance,” begins a piece in the National Enquirer, which notes the singer-actor is using “hypnotherapy to help stop smoking.” Read the entire post at “Justin Timberlake is so determined to […]

Smoking Hazards on Dental Implants

Unless you are mentally prepared to quit smoking until you fully recover from implants treatment (which takes months), do not opt for the procedure. It is advisable to quit smoking 1 week prior to surgery and till the time you are fully recovered from the surgery. Read the entire post at

Two Fires in Different Parts of the World..Smoking and Oxygen Don’t Mix Well

A man smoking near his oxygen machine apparently caused a fire Sunday at a Canton apartment that sent the resident to the hospital. The man sustained non-life-threatening injuries after the fire at Lincolnshire Apartments, 44000 block of Trails Court in Canton, according to Canton public safety officials. Read the entire post at And in […]

Quit Smoking, Get Cheaper Insurance

The man likely to be Australian health minister if the Coalition wins the federal election, Peter Dutton, told News Limited that it was a “great failing” of the current system that it offered no incentive for people to “take care of their own health”. Insurers, meanwhile, have been pushing to be allowed to provide cheaper […]