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No Link Between Anti-Smoking Drugs, Mental Health Issues: Study

The anti-smoking drugs Chantix (varenicline) and Wellbutrin (bupropion) don’t appear to raise the risk of serious mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, a new study suggests. “Clinical guidelines recommend that the most effective way to give up smoking is smoking cessation medication and counseling. However, smokers do not use these services […]

Study: Nicotine Patch, Zyban, Chantix are Best for Helping Smokers Quit

A large new survey across four countries has found that smokers attempting to quit have considerably more success when they use nicotine patches or prescription medications than when they go it alone without anti-smoking aids. “This study confirms that the positive result seen in clinical trials translates into the real world,” said Saul Shiffman, a […]