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Vaping Could Help Prevent Ex-Smokers Piling On the Pounds, Research Suggests

E-cigarettes might help smokers who are quitting keep the pounds off, say researchers, suggesting that vaping could be harnessed in the fight against obesity. Weight gain is a major concern among smokers looking to quit. On average individuals put on 5kg in the first year they go without cigarettes. Nicotine is known to suppress appetite […]

Premium Electronic Cigarette – Graduation and Father’s Day promotion

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Sonam Kapoor Says Quit Smoking or Opt for Electronic Cigarettes

Recently, Indian actress Sonam Kapoor went on record registering her support for electronic cigarettes. She posted on a micro-blogging website, “Smoking is seriously not good! There are electric cigs available now. A lot of my friends are using it.” Read the entire article at Health.India.com

Smokers Turn to E-cigs to Quit

One of the things the researchers of this study learned was that most of the people who used e-cigarettes had quit smoking and had switched completely to the electronic product. Read entire post at PennLive.com