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Totally Genius Smoker Slaps Deputy So She Can Quit Smoking…By Going To Jail

One very determined lady came up with a novel way of quitting those cancer sticks: she decided to slap a deputy so that she would end up in jail, where she wouldn’t be able to smoke…And hey, everything seems to be going well according to her master plan. Read the entire post at laist.com  

Quit Smoking, Get Cheaper Insurance

The man likely to be Australian health minister if the Coalition wins the federal election, Peter Dutton, told News Limited that it was a “great failing” of the current system that it offered no incentive for people to “take care of their own health”. Insurers, meanwhile, have been pushing to be allowed to provide cheaper […]

Even the Oldest Smokers Can Live Longer if they Quit, Study Says

It’s never too late to improve your health by giving up cigarettes, according to a new study that looks at how smoking behavior was linked with mortality in people over age 60. Read the entire post at Los Angeles Times

John Dalli says, “Don’t be slaves to cigarettes”

As a former smoker himself, European Health Commissioner John Dalli knows the difficulties faced when trying to quit the addictive habit. Read the entire post at TimesOfMalta.com

Sonam Kapoor Says Quit Smoking or Opt for Electronic Cigarettes

Recently, Indian actress Sonam Kapoor went on record registering her support for electronic cigarettes. She posted on a micro-blogging website, “Smoking is seriously not good! There are electric cigs available now. A lot of my friends are using it.” Read the entire article at Health.India.com

Youth Smoking is Focus of New Surgeon General Report

Tobacco companies’ advertising and promotional campaigns may influence young adults and adolescents to start smoking, says a new report from the U.S. Surgeon General. The report stops short of saying that tobacco companies have definitely changed their packaging in ways that increase their appeal among adolescents. “The evidence is suggestive,” but not conclusive, says the […]

Iraq Parliament Bans Smoking in Public

The Iraqi parliament passes an anti-smoking law based on Article 33 of the constitution, which says that ‘every individual has the right to live in safe environmental conditions’. Read the entire post at AhramOnline

Another reason to kick the habit: A hospital in Pennsylvania won’t hire smokers and screens for nicotine

As a Pennsylvania hospital announced that it will be screening potential employees for traces of nicotine, applicants now have another reason to kick the habit. Geisinger Health System in eastern Pennsylvania hopes that the health of their patients and their employees will benefit from the proposed ban. Read the entire article at DailyMail.co.uk

Patches, Counseling, Persistence Can Help Smokers Quit

Quitting smoking isn’t easy for most people but medication and counseling can help them succeed, according to the results of two new studies. Read entire article at Health.USNews.com    

Brad Pitt Quits Smoking?

In the past couple of weeks he has been forking out on everything from hypnotherapy to nicotine mints and lollipops to fight the craving. Read entire post at TheSun.co.uk