That’s Hardly a Good Example! Snoop and Ke$Ha Share a ‘Cannabis Spliff’ Onstage at MTV Movie Awards

Snoop Dogg and Ke$ha clearly don’t know the smoking laws.

The legendary rapper and the young singer walked on stage at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night smoking what appeared to be a cannabis joint.

They passed it back and forth during their presentation and left it up to the audience to decide what they were really puffing.

Snoop and Ke$ha share a cannabis spliff onstage

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  1. Posted April 17, 2013 at 12:35 am | Permalink

    It does not matter if it may or may not be a joint, just the appearance of smoking in a building at a major event doesn’t help in any manner to stop people from smoking and in some ways are showing how young kids it is okay to smoke the way they are.