Information on How to QUIT Smoking Cigarettes:

How to Avoid the Side Effects Of Quitting Smoking: WEIGHT GAIN

Dealing with Weight Gain after Quitting

A large number of people tend to gain weight after they quit smoking. This is simply because smokers burn around 200 calories everyday owing to their habit, and smoking is also known to suppress appetite. Therefore, in the absence of smoking, your body would have an extra 200 calories per day to deal with, while also having an increased appetite (which would only add more calories).

Quitting smoking is known to increase appetite, and there are also a number of people who turn to eating as a form of replacing their nicotine fix. Besides, smokers are also known to avoid mid-meal snacks by replacing them with cigarettes, and in the absence of cigarettes, these come into play. Smoking also affects the body’s metabolism, and when you quit smoking your metabolism reduces.

Avoiding weight gain when you quit smoking is not very difficult. For starters, you should increase your activity levels, and you should try to make exercising a part of your daily routine. Also try to refrain from snacking simply because you have nothing else to do; instead, try keeping yourself busy. Follow a nutritional diet, and if needed, get a professional to chart out a diet plan for you. Also keep a track of your weight, even if this means weighing yourself every week, and if you see a considerable rise, don’t wait until later to address it.

Planning ahead is a good way to make sure that you can tackle this problem effectively. Simple measures such as stocking up on healthy snacks will help, and do try and avoid anything that is fried. Carrying fruits with you while you are out is a good idea, as you can always reach for one easily, without having to worry about what to eat. Staying away from carbonated drinks is definitely suggested, and you could switch to drinking fruit juices. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water, as, amongst other things, this would also help control hunger pangs.

Remember, if gaining weight is a concern when you quit smoking, a healthy well balanced diet coupled with exercise will ensure that there is no significant change in your weight.